Saturday, August 2, 2014

One tomato.. two tomato.. three tomato... MORE!!

My simple attempt of tomato gardening.. Each plant is set in an old tub and are growing like crazy.. I have more tomatoes than I ever imagined possible...

My tomatoes are beautiful , if I must say so myself (~: and the flavor is yummy.
I am trying to come up with lots of ways to serve tomatoes and hopefully we wont grow tired of having tomatoes before the growing season is past..


I have peppers, lots and lots of peppers growing in buckets.. and yep you guessed it, we are eating lots of peppers  too... I am thinking that just maybe.. next year one tomato and one pepper may be exactly the number I need to plant..

Here is a little verse I found in the most fabulous journal given to me by a friend.

The book is called ~ A Simple Garden James Cramer & A Simple Life Magazine

"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant"  ~ Robert Louis Stevenson

Until next time.... Seek Joy



  1. Such a lovely and lush container garden! There is indeed something very special about gathering produce of your own making, still warm from the summer sunbeams. The journey from a humble a meal most scrumptious is wondrous surely.
    Wishing you much joy as you celebrate your bountiful harvest!

  2. A wonderful idea B! I have thought of doing something like that on our deck so the deer can't get to them. Perhaps next year I'll give it a try. Have a lovely day. Hugs, Lori

  3. So happy to see you blogging again my friend :) Have always loved your quotes, verses and words of wisdom.....and the tomatoes....oh my!!